Deeply Rooted - Natural Hair Care Center | Kim Johnson
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Kim Johnson

Kim Bio Pic

Deeply Rooted Natural Hair Care Center owner, celebrity stylist and global commodity Kim Johnson is a humble force in the world of natural hair. She began her debt free journey of entrepreneurship 13 years ago with vision as her driving force. “It’s not just hair…it’s a lifestyle,” is her slogan, coined to emphasis the love received by over 11 thousand clients that come through the doors of Deeply Rooted.

With Kim as its pioneer and faith as its blueprint, Deeply Rooted has had success that can only be contributed to grace, passion and diligence. Not just in the sense of building clientele and profitability; Kim understands that those are just by-products to essence of business…relationships. At its peak, Deeply Rooted was the catalyst to the success of 28 employees, their success attributed to the training and example of its owner and master stylist, Kim Johnson.  She strongly believes that if you create an atmosphere of excellence, integrity and fun everyone can reach their fullest potential.

As the success of the salon continued, Kim added Educator and Natural Hair Show Director to her arsenal of achievements.  Quarterly sessions would be administered by respected industry professionals spanning the gamut of proper loc care, natural hair health, color, cutting, children’s hair and more. This experience prepared Kim for her partnership with pioneer Malaika Tamu-Cooper in the execution of “The Evolution Tour Natural Hair Care Expo.” She helped orchestrate the success of this national tour of natural hair education, demonstrations and the collaboration and support of black businesses.

Kim’s loving nature, giving spirit, modesty and diligent pursuit of the betterment of others does not stop at her friends and family. Her welcoming disposition and sincere motives are also the influence of her business relationships. Kim is sought after because of her admirable business practices, forward thinking and willingness to be of service. She is deeply rooted and grounded in the understanding that doing things right, because it’s right, will always lead to boundless attainment, in every area of life…business included.

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